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trees. a dark time. Too much weed. I smoked too much weed. I got into the Occult. Witches tried to kill me. Why pan ? Why? Also , my post pandemic room mate, had remnants or not all of Pan. Why do these evil spirits infiltrate human kind? Is there a way to escape? Is not our souls , our own ? So much evil. I am depressed. Depression , looms over me over my head. I do comedy , but no one laughs. Except the Demon in the room. he laughs , because people in New York City have no power. They don't believe in the Spiritual . Where do all the bad things come from? Is it all caused by us, humans? Do we have the power , to create good and evil ? What is good? Is good a person, or is evil a person. How come, humans are more drawn to evil. Is there not one person, that seeks after God? Love . So much dancing. Love and joy, dance and repetition. Becoming better at what we do , the power of art and love. Creating new connections. End child trafficking. Is it possible ?

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