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story of France, and loving others. Things are dark . These demons ,they are all around. what can I do ? How can I escape this darkness? Coffee. Croissants. The beauty of France . Beautiful people , and city of love and peace. Bastille. High fashion . Networking. Story of Angels. I was poisoned. I was poisoned , and I died. I died and went into the Spiritual realms. Thank you , Holy Ghost. Thank you God. Story of overcoming . There are many difficulties in this world. How to overcoming. What is endurance? Is it hard to endure? Endurance , and being able to overcoming . How to navigate this difficult life ....

story of satan , and hes dead . in the word , the lake of fire. Pimcomedy fashion show . Haute couture, a testimony .

Is it hard to love others? Is it hard to love Jesus Christ?

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