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the invisible realms. What is real ? What is not . What is seen ? and what is unseen. How come we believe the visible. Is it possible , to believe in the invisible? God is invisible. Or , is he visible ? Is God a politician ? I hope not . that would be , god jesus Holy Spirit may be corrupt. Having a corrupt god will be horrible . Human kind will be doomed. Doomed forever. the power of good. The power of love , and good, and good is stronger than evil . The power of love. Invisible. Things stem , from the invisible realms. Look it up . on you tub. The power of faith. What do we believe? Who , do we believe. The power of art. Seeing into the invisible. The power of faith , and love. I love God. Jesus and the Holy Ghost. How come people love money ? Or religion ? They are false powers. False prophets . Lust and love , and sex . Does it get you anywhere? When I lusted, I didn't achieve a lot . The power of faith . Seeing the invisible. The holy Spirit . The Holy Ghost. A powerful person. A powerful being. God himself . or herself? Does god have a gender? The Christian faith , or the way. Or , is it reality? How come people like to put things in boxes? Like religion ??

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