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PimComedy  | artist, designer, creating community.  Baptized in the Holy Ghost.  Supporting the community, loving others.  Telling stories, one person at a time.  I was murdered by BRE.   He gave me too many drugs.  I survived.    End trafficking , loving others , supporting others. Baptized by BICO.  She was nice.  PimComedy Fashion Show #OffBroadway |   High fashion inspired by the Holy Ghost, Rev 12:11

Ephesians 3:20-21
Matthew 24:14
Revelation 20:10

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PimComedy Fashion Show #OffBroadway


Story of Bed, a homeless man.  He is homeless.  He had a normal job , in Finance.    A successful person.   He got angry at his Boss .  They hurt Bed.  Bed cannot forgive .  He is angry , and bitter in his heart.  I encourage Bed to forgive, but he cannot.   He is angry and bitter.  Angry and bitter.  I ask Bed " Bed, does writing letters help your cause?  But he ignores me, and continues to write letters.  The anger and bitterness continues to grow, and grow and grow.  Like a cancer.    Bed is currently homeless at 26th street.    Pimcomedy Fashion Show

Off Broadway TIX :  Telecharge

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Brave, Honest, Thought-provoking , Jen S , Artistic Director NYC theater

Corey Sherrill comedian : enjoyed the amazing energy amazing story of how you reached peace within your self.  And how to overcome life's hardships that can you questioning why me.  You still fought !  Your art has literally lived.  And will continue to inspire forever .

Bianca made us so proud last night seeing her execute on her first live performance off Broadway.  Thanks @setnyc for putting together such as amazing performance  @themindinvestor

" The Best Off Broadway Show " @apstract

"Loved loved loved loved being in and seeing the show! Super refreshing and cool-ass music, backstory, and I absolutely loved the intellectual discussion you brought out of people. Hugely satisfying and I felt it really scratched an itch for me I had been longing to get out. "

Daniel Hirsch actor 

You like an off Bdway show that seems very experimental. Some of the “guests” who spoke about their craft and religion were interesting also - Elaine Broadway Girl

"Had The Best Time Last Night ! " | Cherrell Carter

Such a great energy.

You were so truthful on stage. Actors study and rehearse so much to come to that moment of truthfulness  HODO ALIEN

Thank you for putting together yesterday’s event.  I enjoyed myself very much and I appreciate your artistry.  Angel Thee Artist

still cant get enought of your show.  You're an artistic genius !  levi dansforth

I had so much fun at Tuesday night at Actors Temple Theatre during the PimComedy Musical. It was a very fun experience! I got to meet some dope artists and some great spirits. It was truly an adventure!  0nyxvizi0n

Had the best time modeling for PimComedy ! @str4vers

It was a cool experience @setnyc created <3 <3 <3 <3  @juicebox.jpg

See if if you like something that feels like a true confession of the soul, if you like something that will make you feel

Don't see it if You don't like something that may be controversial. That may question your opinion of what you think is good or bad. @joerevs

thank you pim for having the courage to put yourself out there yesterday. thats not easy and you should be proud @shanellejuliarosita

We enjoyed the show very much!  Thank you for coordinating, directing, and creating an environment and platform that nourishes and frees such diverse and natural talents.  We're very happy we attended!  Jessa now feels much more comfortable being on stage.  Your show helped her very much!  Thank you and I'm very grateful that even though you had difficult times in the past, you're here now bringing people together in such an artistic manner.

Jackie Schwartz - VIP ticket holder

Freggin Super Awesome show last night! - King J Knight

I was very impressed with the collection of performers from last night.  You did a great job of curating the show .  Patrick Golden

Thank you, I love it so much! I truly appreciate you having me, last night was incredible. Your story is one that definitely needs to be told. Thank you for sharing your journey with us all last night. -- Dale Genesis

Resonant, Enchanting, Hilarious.   See it if you have a spirit of discovery.  Also Very positive, uplifting. Local comedians, a rapper, dancer, poet, on night I went. Lineup changes per show as I understand it. Positive vibe throughout the audience with each performance. I didn't even know there were so many forms of performance art until I went there. I'll need to catch a few more in the future just to discover.


PimComedy the Musical was great   - Ron Barba

Thought provoking. The Show has merit  - john morena actor

i had such an amazing time! Aria The Bawse

Great Show and very organized - Mary Jane Rodriguez, mother

thank you I had an amazing time yesterday - Lehina Emmanuel

What a great time @pimcomedy show tonight! Adam Torkel filmmaker

Better than Broadway ! Cheryl Reilly

Such a Special Night - Goldberg

I had a great time, I really enjoyed your music & the story you shared .. @oldirtyjess

it was definitely an experience ! - adam shandler

an interesting show : james mac

what an incredible lineup of truly talented human beings - keep putting yourself out there because you are amazing <3 Dara 1212

I mentioned to someone on Tuesday that I was doing Pim’s Comedy show again at Actor’s Temple and how cool it was that it brought attention to human trafficking. The person responded “wow that’s a tough gig. “ That’s what you might think at first but I have to say I am in awe at how well this show works. Comedy, poetry, song, fashion and testimony about the horrors of human trafficking all rolled into one. It hits every emotion. You need to experience this   -GOLDBERG

i donated to your show.  thank you . it was fun @auraiam

Last night was Amazing, the performances and fashion show and connections I made was everything. I even conquered My fear of public speaking. Please let know of any future events. Such an Amazing venue with such incredible Humans @artbyangeladenise 9_14_22

its like going to the MOMA - Harvey Champagne

Thank you so much for this experience, I really enjoyed it and everyone was super kind and respectful. Thank you again! Keanna Clouden , model

Loved being apart of your show, It was beautiful : Elonda designer

OMG that was incredible : Jenny Jones Artist

People dont always get it but im a firm believer in continuing to push the envelope.  I took so much away from tonight . Thank you.  Amanda Lopez, Artist

What an Amazing Show - Arty Party

Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate tonight. It was a very unique experience and a great cause - ms Weinstein

Great Show!  Alex Hall , Actor

You are doing good!  Awaking the awareness in peoples mind! Wish you the best !  Ramilla model

I just wanted to thank you for such a fun opportunity.  You put on a really inspirational show.  Have a good night <3  Ayana Jean Laurent

Thank you so much for having me , Pim!  Great show!  Eunice model

thank you for the opportunity, the show was beautiful - Saudi Almonte

thank you , really enjoyed the show !  MEEG

"YOU WHERE THE BEST "  larry benekin

" The Show was awesome! I had a great time, people were incredible.  It was honest and vulnerable " - Daniel Dorsey designer

' Yay thanks it was so much fun ^^  ' Kamila Reeder dancer

Review Jay Yee:  " I really enjoyed the show Tue, it was eye-opening to hear other perspectives on life, yours and those of the different artists and how God works so differently in each of us "

i appreciate you for capturing this , thank you for a creative night @labrujasart

Such a beautiful show, thank you for having me-  Jess Hampton

shout out to pimcomedy for making not only one of the weirdest art shows I've ever been to , but also one of the realest : Logic Thompson

Yesterday, I had  the honor to be a part of an amazing event, with beautiful people, artists and soul family : alice Ana Maria

my mom and I loved it thank you so much again for everything : Ayeraye Akosua

Congratulations and God Bless to PimComedy for allowing us survivors and Artist a safe place to ex3ist also thar You made it to Broadway and taking us with you. Blessed and honored to be a part of your production. ~ Edu

La Skinny: everythings great i enjoyed your performance

"its phenomenal"   - a guest

" Phenomenal Storytelling  " Dawn Leak

show was great - marcus kitchen

Hi Pim, great psychedelic atmosphere - loved your stories about the almost death experiences - and how you met the girl on Facebook who baptised you - and about the stripper/ witch - wanted to know more - your life is fascinating. loved the God moments - Eva Dorrepaal

the power is real     Larry Benekin

" You are amazing. I spoke with few friends of mine about you and your show. Keep on doing it! You change people’s life  "  ~Marina Duvidzon

awesome thanks for putting it together, was a fabulous night!! - Katherine Miller Artist

thanks so much ! what a great night ! Gianna Marino parent

from Beth Edgeworth , parent :


"We wanted to thank you for the opportunity you gave piper you made her feel extremely special and filled with happiness. She has been bullied at school severely for several years now for several reasons and this was just gold for her. And then when you said she could wear the wings her face lit up. Your show was amazing and unique and I just can’t say how much joy you brought to me to see my daughter feel confident, comfortable, and happy on that stage. We are grateful for you. Your work is absolutely beautiful and so creative "

Thank you! Wonderful show !!! We loved the experience  - Dadony Son

what an awesome experience !  ' Aidiana Parsons model

it was a different experience and really fun ' Ross Belsky ' comic

" I love the Heart " club free time guest

" The most spectacular  Show in NYC " Adam Shandler comic


Goldberg You never know what you’re going to see @pimcomedy but it will always be interesting, thought provoking, inspiring and fun. Great night last night @actorstempletheatre #stophumantrafficking #stophumantrafficing

Review Cir Hena : “ Hello! It was a blessing to be in your show tonight. Thank you for that opportunity. “

Sir Adrian Brown :  Thanks a lot I had an amazing time all the artist and the models were great and I really love your story .  Thanks a million.  Plus you are very talented . I was amazed

Great Acting .  Phenomenal Music : guest and model

thank you , I was so inspired !  maddy girl

The Acting was Excellent :  I cried :   Sally Ramos

it was a beautiful and so comforting experience. Thanks to all of you who where there and made that moment so special ! The Vibe was the best,  I had a blast <3  Nali neisse

Very artsy and Different !  Adrian Brown

thank you for inviting me and it really was a cool show !! Katherine Entress 

It was an awesome show and wonderful experience Rev Jose Luis

Can’t thank you enough! These are amazing and the show was an unforgettable experience. Will tell my friends about this! So so happy to be part! filmmaker Joel Carter 

Hi! Thank you so much for having me yesterday it was a really nice experience with all the artists and people there - Sebastian Vell

Ysamalis Perez Hi! Thank you once again for allowing me to be a part of your extraordinary show.

The show was amazing Thank you again  Etuna Bekauri

Johnny Brantley Wow yesterday was incredible and I’m grateful. The space, your performance! I’m very appreciative . Thank you for the opportunity!

Samantha cole review : Thank youuu! And thanks for having me yesterday. Grateful to have been part of such a powerful experience 

Glenn McBride Thanks for having me. Had nice time.  Have a blessed night

Hey pim wanted to tell you no cap, that show changed my life i even told my therapist such warm uplifting creative positive and inspiring energy- Kimberlee 

Thank you darling  I had so much fun! I really appreciate you! Izzy from Sephora

This is amazing  - Castawayadorns

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