PimComedy is an high fashion designer, neo-classical artist, musician, poet and comedian.  He is committed to making the world and NYC a better place.  He has done many many shows and events; and has reached people Nationally and Internationally with his art shows, networking, events, comedy events, fashion shows, and film festivals.    PimComedy been featured in NBC, BroadwayWorld.com, TheaterMania, PlayBill , and Official Broadway NYC sites such as Telecharge, TKTS , and TDF.  His mission is to continue blessing others locally, Nationally, and Internationally.  Some notable projects completed include Fashion Week FW & SS series in NYC,   the legendary Chelsea Fashion Film Festival , & Off Broadway production PimComedy The Musical #OffBroadway

Ephesians 3:20-21
Matthew 24:14
Revelation 20:10

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PimComedy the Musical #OffBroadway

PimComedy the Musical

Story of Darkness to Light. Satan burning in the Lake of Fire. Heaven on Earth. A new Heaven and a new Earth. Heaven and peace and joy on Earth. Love and joy everlasting .

Story of PimComedy, a darkness from depression and death, to finding life. Getting poisoned by Ana. Getting beat up by the mafia. Finding true friends like Robert. Helping the youth, helping end child trafficking. Supporting artists and the arts in NYC and internationally. Angels and demons, depression, and Spiritual Warfare.  High fashion and love

Story of Ted, a man who cannot forgive.  Now he is extremely homeless, with so much un-forgiveness in him.   Story of conquering Satan.

TICKETS:  https://pctm2.eventbrite.com

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Brave, Honest, Thought-provoking , Jen S , Artistic Director NYC theater

Corey Sherrill comedian : enjoyed the amazing energy amazing story of how you reached peace within your self.  And how to overcome life's hardships that can you questioning why me.  You still fought !  Your art has literally lived.  And will continue to inspire forever .

Bianca made us so proud last night seeing her execute on her first live performance off Broadway.  Thanks @setnyc for putting together such as amazing performance  @themindinvestor

" The Best Off Broadway Show " @apstract

"Loved loved loved loved being in and seeing the show! Super refreshing and cool-ass music, backstory, and I absolutely loved the intellectual discussion you brought out of people. Hugely satisfying and I felt it really scratched an itch for me I had been longing to get out. "

Daniel Hirsch actor 

You like an off Bdway show that seems very experimental. Some of the “guests” who spoke about their craft and religion were interesting also - Elaine Broadway Girl

"A Nice One Person Show "  Anton

"Had The Best Time Last Night ! " | Cherrell Carter

Such a great energy.

You were so truthful on stage. Actors study and rehearse so much to come to that moment of truthfulness  HODO ALIEN

Thank you for putting together yesterday’s event.  I enjoyed myself very much and I appreciate your artistry.  Angel Thee Artist