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flames and love

flames , is it possible? The lake of fire? People say they don't believe in hell . Some people do . Rev: They overcame him , satan , by the blood of the lamb , and the word of our testimony. And we love not our lives to the death. Sharing the word. Sharing the gospel. How come, the world is going crazy? Our testimony, a weapon . Pan tried to murder me. My ex girlfriend . She was a witch , and worships satan . To much evil in the world. How to overcome? Love and joy ? Peace? Thank you Holy Ghost. Thank you Holy Spirit. A person. Following the lord. People may not believe in the Spiritual . Spiritual , is where the victory is at . Jesus Christ the Lord died for our sins, was buried , was raised on the third day. The lake of fire. a place for the beast and false prophet. Bye bye satan . no more evil. Heaven on earth. No more tears. Only joy and peace. Spirit. Another way of living. Following the Holy Spirit. And Love. pimcomedy FS

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