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the Blood

the blood , a desert of demons. So much evil , what can help us reconcile us back to God. Are we going to be depressed forever ? Is hell real ? How come these demonic entities , keep attacking us . I walk through this lonely desert, it is extremely , lonely. No hope , no love. Just demonic entities. Where is the water? Where is the love? I need someone to hold my hand. I need someone to give me encouragement. I need love. Babies need love, they crave their mothers or fathers love. Children , and fathers , end child trafficking . Creating a better and safer world , for the youth. So many evil people , out there. Helping end homelessness. Mental illness , kids , love , high fashion shows. Walking down the runway, so much glamour. Movement, and fashion , love and joy. NYFW , coming up . Pimcomedy, haute couture. Demons, hiding in the Spiritual Realms. They are hiding , so you don't know where they are . Or where they are hiding. How to overcoming Evil ? Rev 12 : 11

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