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lovecraft, a demonic basement. HP Lovecraft, a genius. Genius writer. Doing art shows, in the basement . A demonic basement. So many evil things. People getting drunk. Worshipping satan? Is that all right? Doing art shows, learning a lot. Demons running around, love and joy and peace. Ending homelessness. Mentally ill. The homeless people, they hated me. They wanted me dead. An altercation . He had a cane. We yelled at each other. He said " I hate you " I said, go away, homeless man . Go away. He did go away, and I never saw him again. A homeless man , wanted to attack me with a cane. I had to run away, but we confronted each other. Angels VS demons. Demons attack , but angels have big , big swords . Love and peace. The Holy Spirit. A mysterious person. A powerful person. The Father is very big and wise. Very strong. I love Him very much . Story of BED , another homeless person. He writes letters to the Government. I tell BED " BED , does writing letters to the Government, does it help you ? Does it help you get anywhere? He ignores me , and continues writing letters ....he's homeless on 26th street, NYC ... Hatred is powerful. Love is more powerful.

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