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love and new york

love, and new york. Demons. They ensnare. So many demonic figures, how to find love? How to find joy? Pimcomedy fashion show , Haute couture. Story of demons, and finding hope. Finding peace. Loving each other. End child trafficking. Supporting the youth. Story of demons. I was abducted by Pan. She was murderous. She worked for Satan , and her job was to kill me. She failed. I was lucky. More like, I was blessed. Thank you Jesus. Story of demons, they make me depressed. Demon of Depression , destroying lives. I would do comedy. and then be depressed. The demon will just wait there, waiting ....waiting ......waiting. Waiting for me to go home. I have a drink , and then " BAM " !!! depression.......... plus watching corrupt TV doesn't help. Story of Pan , she was murderous. She was my ex girlfriend who tried to murder me. She was a stripper too. A smelling stripper. She smelled bad. Probably from all the drugs she did .....but i did them too.... pimcomedy fashion show

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