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love and joy

the holy ghost. love and joy , peace. The world is tough. Many , many crazy things. Demons, they infiltrate. They infiltrate our mind, body, spirit , and we are rendered helpless. Helpless, and useless. Satan is evil. An evil being. He is evil . Evil is not something, it is some one. Thank you Derek P . An amazing teacher. The Holy Ghost. A beautiful person. A little strange, and weird. But we who isn't. Society teaches us to be normal , but what is normal? Who defines normal? Is it the person , which khaki pants, who makes decisions? Blond, brown , dark hair? Maybe we are trained that way. Why can't the Holy Ghost be in charge? Because, satan is a coward. He is scared, and he runs away from confrontation. Resist the devil , and he'll flee from you. Believe in the Word. The beautiful word. poetry, and love, joy and peace. Overcoming obstacles. The world is hard. Wars , and heartache and depression. How to overcoming depression? pimcomedy

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