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lake of fire

what is the lake of fire. is it real. is it possible , to have evil go away. A new heaven and new earth. Love reigns. Some people enjoy hate. Why is that ? Do you think hate, is better than love? loving others? Is it possible? Heaven on earth

Jesus died for our sins , was buried , was raised on the third day. the ultimate sacrifice. First, we have to admit we are sinners. I do lust, steal , pride, hate , and Jesus paid the price. he died for our sins. he paid the punishment. Thank you Christ. We have access to God the father. Son ,and holy Ghost

All the promises of the Bible is given to us. Many , many great things in the Word. God will protect us. he will provide. Provide abundantly . protect us from evil. End child trafficking. When 2 or more come together, there he is in the midst

pimcomedy fashion show

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