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' you'll never meet a hater , doing better than you ' a desert, full of demons. Demonic activity. The world is cold . And lonely. No love, no joy. Many , many haters. People that want to bring you down. Talk down to you. Make you feel like shi '''t . why ? Why do people hate? Is it because, they have a demon residing in them ? It is possible . The Bible says , it is so. Maybe its the weed demon. Many people in NYC smoke weed. It is even legal now. I believe there is a Weed Demon . Demon of weed. Makes people lazy, and eat potato chips. Loving the community. Loving others, is ending child trafficking possible? People say , it is so. Evil people in the world , evil people in NYC . How to overcome. The haters, people say it is better to be by yourself. To be alone, and strengthen your core. Strengthen your insides, become a better person. The Kingdom of Light , on Earth. pimcomedy Love overcomes

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