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desert of demons , pimcomedy NYFW

a desert of demons. NYFW . pimcomedy, haute couture. End child trafficking. Saving the kids. Loving others. NYFW. High fashion , haute couture. Colors and surrealism . Demons, they conspire. They eat and they laugh. They hate humanity. Why , demons , why do you hate humanity. How come, you want to eat humans. Why can't we just love each other? How come, you only give hate and loathing , hate and eating of brains. Us humans, we only want to live. Live, and let learn. Loving our Neighbors. Jesus ! Where are you ? Love and peace. The Holy Ghost. A mysterious person . A satanic Boss. Mander Man. He hated me. He wanted me gone, and stole all my accounts. Why Mander Man? How come you have no original ideas ?

Pimcomedy Fashion show NYFW

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