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demonic tank

a demonic tank . Spiritual Warfare. Warfare , in the Spiritual realms. Love, and joy , and peace. Overcoming demons. overcoming the Demonic realms. Is it possible ? Is it possible to defeat Satan ? The bible says it is so. The word. The powerful word. Words are powerful, yet we use it so casually , or we don't mean what we say . What a mistake. We can move mountains , with The Word. With Faith. What is faith? Is it an invisible blob? How do we believe ? Do we only believe what the news tells us ? Or is there a Spiritual realm. Angels VS demons. Spirit beings , that impact our life. A world, that we cannot see. An invisible door . What door , do we walk through? Do we go down the world , less traveled ? Or the door , that everyone goes. The herd mentality. Does the HERD MENTALITY help us ? Or hurt us. Angels Vs Demons. Love and joy. Peace, the Holy Ghost. A beautiful person. Very pretty and beautiful. A little strange, but hey, we are all strange. A heart full of gratitude. Is it easy , to live a life of Gratitude ? Love

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