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a vision

what is a vision. Having a vision , God and the Holy Ghost. Exceeding expectations. Having abundantly what we ask or think . The holy Spirit, a mysterious person. Who is the Holy Spirit. What is the Holy Ghost. A person , God. What is the concept of God. Does god exist. Some people dont think so. That we are only here by ourselves , and we have the figure it out by ourselves. That is a sad way of thinking. God of good. I believe we are blessed, God is good. The world is evil , so we are used to evil things. Satan , is the prince of the air. An evil person , an evil ruler. We see decay, lust, robbery, rape, child trafficking, all the evil things that go on in this world. Can we defeat evil. Is it possible, that evil will go away? Some people want evil to stick around forever , unfortunately that isn't going to happen .... pimcomedy fashion show off broadway

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