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city of dreams, nyfw. Fashion week . overcoming difficulties. Overcoming sickness , and loving others. The spiritual , impacts the physical. Is that true? Or is there only the physical ? If that is true, there is a whole another realm , that we are forgetting. Resources that cannot be tapped. Its like going into war , with a water pistol. You stand no chance. Satan will kill you. Destroy you spiritually . Too much war , too much suffering. Turn on the news, there is only death and decay. What a psychopath. He only wants attention for himself. Doesn't care for other people .....satan is a douchebag. NYFW , city of dreams. new york city , a city of opportunity. If you want to start a show here, you can. No one can stop you . The only person stopping yourself, is yourself. City of dreams, NYFW . Fashion week in new york city. Walking down the runway. Photo shoot. Media. Posing and performing. Story of the Holy Spirit . love and the spirit of Truth. What is Truth ? Says the Bible. Many a philosophers can come to this conclusion, and ask , what is truth ? Holy Spirit , the letter, Jesus . Pimcomedy fashion show NYFW

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