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is love possible. Is it easy to love people , or is it hard. How come in NYC, it is hard to love people . also on Social Media, there is a lot of hatred. Are there people , Arm Chair bullies ? How to create more love in the hearts

he had a tough few years. The Bible does say , peoples hearts will grow cold. Are hearts cold? Is it possible to have hearts of flesh ? Not stone cold hearts ...

hatred is negative. many people negative , bringing people down. Even somethings, your friends can be haters. Or your family. Need discernment .

what is discernment? Is it possible to be wise, or always be duped. The holy Ghost. A mysterious person. A loving person . Full of love and joy. Fruit of the Spirit is love , joy , peace ,patience, kindness , gentleness faithfulness , self control

new york city. City of the Gospel. Is it possible? Headquarters to share gospel to all nations.

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