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joy and peace. overcoming adversity . what is sickness ? Is sickness from the kingdom of satan ? it could be . in the bible , Jesus removed sickness from people . Sort of like exorcism . and he said , ' the kingdom of light be upon you ' overcoming demons. The mind and the soul . love and peace . overcoming adversity. How to have hope , hope love and joy. the world is going crazy . why ? why is the world going crazy? Are demons trying to drag down humanity, and their last ditch effort to destroy man kind . Or is the kingdom of light , getting stronger and stronger . and satan's grip on humanity, is ending .....the lake of fire, a dark and powerful place, weeping and gnashing of teeth . not a good place for the devil , hes gone and hes screaming in pain more earth for you satan more sickness and disease. Spiritual bodies equipped for a spiritual life .. art and love . overcoming demons and sickness. joy and peace. is joy possible ? Within us , what is joy . overcoming satan . an evil person. Evil is someone , not something . how to win . Offense vs defense.

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