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The Full Story

Times are scary. Where are we ?  Are we in America?  Land of the free?  Or land of witches ..



Pan ,  she did murder she.  She was evil , she was a stripper. One night,  she fed me drugs . I died. I died, and went into the Spiritual realms. Angels, they healed me.  I felt love. Thank you Angels.  Thank you love.  Thank you God.  I came back alive. I threw up the rat poison.  I looked at Pan ….she was crazy . Crazy woman …..



I think she works for Satan. I believe she worked for Satan.  Satan  , wanted to destroy my life .  He still does , but he is pretty bad it it.  Satan is kind of a goof ball.  He's pretty weak too .  People fall prey to Satan , not because he is strong, but people are dumb.  They don’t believe in God.  There they end up broke, depressed, lonely, unhappy , sad  , miserable .  


Witches, they cast spells.  They cast spells , and try to kill people . They aren’t successful though.  Thank you Holy Ghost.  You are so kind and lovely.  You held my hand.  Also  ,  The organized car service attacked me. Thank you Holy Ghost 


You were like a shield.  You saved my life 


Pimcomedy Fashion Show.  Off Broadway 


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