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PimComedy the Musical NFT

I was a high school loser.  Also , a loser in junior high and college.  I was a big nerd and I smelled bad .  I came to NYC in 2004 , and experienced the Spiritual Realms.   My ex girlfriend Ann tried to kill me with Rat Poison.   Angels ministered to me after dying of rat poison and I came back alive, throwing up.  Why Ann Why?  Why did you try and kill me? 


The story of climbing into a black SUV (big mistake ) and meeting 2 guys and 3 girls.  After a night of drugs and partying, they proceeded to bash my face in and had a gun to my head.  Angels and the Spirit of the Lord protected me. 


Suffering much depression, lying on the couch and drinking orange vodka.  Lying there , watching TV,  being depressed and hopeless.   Especially after doing comedy shows and comedy open mics. 

I met my good friend Robert , a Christian man.  Very friendly and nice, very loving and caring.  I love him.  I went to Redeemer  (thank you Mico ) , and experienced Bible Studies & prayer & a relationship with Jesus Christ the Lord.  Left my job and went full time into producing art shows and fashion shows.   Helping the youth, helping end child trafficking.  Supporting the youth and kids online.  Story of Teddy, a homeless man that cannot forgive.  Teddy, oh Teddy, why are you unable to forgive?  Why is there so much hatred in your heart? 

Someone Off Broadway mentioned I should kill my self.   Performing PimComedy the Musical Off Broadway.  Playing at the Actors Temple Theater, 339 West 47th Street, between 8 and 9 ave Manhattan.   Tickets:

Revelation 12:11 : We overcoming him by the blood of the Lamb, and the Word of our testimony , and we do not love our lives until the end.    Satan Burning in the Lake of Fire.  Being tormented forever and ever and ever.  Crypto and NFTs

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