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Feb 22 ,  2024

Emo.  Sadness, and Depression.   So much darkness.  As I  drink and watch TV , is there help for me?  Is there love?  I hope ,  people love me.   But they don't .....EMO...  sadness and grief.  Love and pain ,   do people love me?  I do not feel love ...i feel pain much drinking.  What is depression.  What is laying on my couch , and feeling hopelessness.  Maybe, there is love.  Maybe , there is hope .....or maybe not ..... Love .....


March 12 2024


So much emotions.   Sadness and depression.  Grief and pain.  Is there hope?  I lay here,  depressed and sad.  Is there pain ?  Does this pain go away?  The sadness reigns...hopelessness.   I wish one day,  these witches will go away. There is so much pain and grief.  Is there hope for my soul?  I lay here , depressed.  on my dirty white couch.  Is there hope for my soul?  Or only pain ...

March 24 2024 


Is depression real?  Is there hope for my soul?  I lay here,  does suicide exist?  So much pain and grief.  The anguish , it defeats me.  I am in pain much love and peace .   Does it exist?  Does love,  will it come back to me?  I lay here in my dirty white couch.  So much sadness. The TV,  is filling my mind with Demons.  Is there hope.  Am I mentally insane?   Sadness and grief , sadness and no hope.  My soul is sad,    so much hope .  Or no  hope......does god exist.  Maybe,  people want to kill me.  My paranoia  ,  is making me insane.  Is there hope for my soul?  Is there too much grief ??  Maybe people hate me.  Maybe people want to see me dead ....there is no hope.  There is only sadness..   I want to see myself EMO. SO much Emo.  And sadness....

April 2 2024 

Sadness  it overruns me.  There are so many demons, in my mind . Is there hope for me.  EMO ... distress ....... no hope....only love

Love and peace.   Love can win ...I hope.   Depression , it is real.  Is there sadness in my soul.  Sadness, and depression.   What a terrible combination .  is there hope there a soul in my body.  Only EMO.     depression is real.  I watch TV , and the demons, they secretly enter.  Is there no hope for my soul?  Sadness , it does reign.  A tear , goes down my cheek.  The sadness,  it takes over my body . I cry for help , but no one listens .....there is no hope ...there is only demons and the devil

I hope to see pain . I hope to see fun , but there is only depression.  EMO and love.  Hope , does it exist ?

An evil person.  an evil being reigns...

I am EMo   April 20 2024 

What is being emotional . Sadness and grief .... I cry .....  Sadness, does it reign

I wear my goth gear. Does it help ?   Does it bring love and pain upon myself ?  I do too many depression.  Depression hits me .  So much sadness.  So much pain.  The pain is real .

Pan ,  she was evil towards me . Why Pan ? Why did you do so many evil things to me?   People treat me badly.  These people , they treat me terrible .  Why does society hate me.  What did I do to them?  So much emotional distress.  Negligence and hatred. Hate, it is a strong word. Why do people hate in this world. Is there love?  Is there love in our heart and souls?  Is there love for us?  Or only hatred.   Depression and hatred.    Down in the dumps,   im EMO...

Sadness, does it reign.  So much negativity.  So much pain and distress . Can I get out of this rut . Can I escape this much distress.  And negativity...

No pain. No love.  only Hatred.    Depression ...

June 6, 2024 


is it real?  How come,  this darkness ,  it overtakes me.  So much depression.  So much pain.  Is it possible to escape ?

These dark times .  Spirits in my head.   Are these voices real?  How come,  my life is terrible.  Sucks,   it that a real time?  I am broke time for happiness 

These dark times.   It is possible to find happiness?  Maybe  , darkness is my friend.  Maybe , these dark times  ,  is all I have .

People are mean to me.  How come,  human nature is evil.  I see a straight jacket.  Craziness , how come people are Crazy 

How come I am crazy.  There is love,  but I cannot find it.  It is too extreme.  No more love,   no more pain 

I hope to find mercy.  What is mercy?  Is it possible to find pain in my life ?

Is it possible to escape this hell hole?  

june 10 2024 

times are hard.  Emotional distress.  Hard times  ,  produces weak people 

why am i so weak.  My tears , it runs down my face. Sadness ...sadness and hardships 

art is hard.  Humans, are so mean to me.  How come, so much destruction.  Desturction and hatred.  Are people filled with love?  Is it possible to love people 

My emotional distress brings a lot of hatred and suffered.  Humans, are so precious 

my emotional depression , is it worth it ?  Can people love ?  My heart grows cold 

coldness makes it fonder. Or maybe .....emotional and hatred. Depression ,it hits me ..

Im so depressed.  hatred sets in . Maybe there is hope . Maybe there can be healing and curing .  Love and peace 

Love .....and depression.  My depression states ,   my state of being.  Darkness .  

the darkness  July 6, 2024 

the darkness,  my mind is dark.  How come  these demons, the attack me.  is there hope.  Depression sets in . I am hopeless. How come this heaviness, it consumes me...the darkness 

people are so evil. Is there hope for humanity?   Is there love?  Maybe there is love.  Does love exist.  Hope ,  does it reign.  I need  love .....maybe there is hope 

The darkness sets in .  These demons, they attack my mind.  How come,  darkness is powerful.  Maybe they arent  at this time ,the darkness sets in.  It is dark.  And depression ..

What is anxiety?  What is hope less ness?  I do have love.  Maybe I dont .  My darkness,  it reigns.  maybe,  there is no love 

Maybe I want to find hope  .  Maybe there is good.  maybe there is evil.  Is there hope for humanity?  Does love reign.   Depression , is all over the us.  Is there witchcraft. Is there witches.  Maybe , we as humans...the  darkness, it sets in ...

I want to find love.  I want to find hope. But,  does it exist?  A ghost, it holds my hand.  i wish....what is a wish.

does wishing ,  is  it real.  satan is real.  The devil is real.  I want to find darkness, maybe I dont .

These dark times, depression and evil people. Maybe there is love?

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