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a beautiful place.  Full of beauty and light

nice furniture.  Is it an art gallery ?  Or a restaurant.   Or a furniture store?  No matter what it is , nice ambiance. 

The manager upstairs is friendly.  Gave me her card.  She is awesome.  Must be a great place having her around if she's working

People eating, dining, enjoying themselves.  The plants (fake ?) are nice.  Or maybe the plants are real.  Furniture is beautiful.    People will enjoy them

Bathrooms are beautiful.   Full of light and love

I tried to tell a joke to an employee there.  He wasn't having it .  RH




La Mercerie

nice host, gave me a smile

smiling is nice, disarms our combatant nature.  If you are nice of course

some people have hate in their heart.  And it comes out.  Like a car will cut of a pedestrian.  And then mass yelling and anger comes out.  How much anger can a person have ?

I try not to be in anger. It decreases the love I have in my heart.  Less anger, more love. That is my motto.  lol

New York City.  Less Anger





Funny hostess , kind of crazy. In a good sort of way

Tried to sell me a manicure, repeatedly.  I give her an A for trying

Persistence and perseverance is key.  Eventually you will land something.  Reminds me  of the Parable of the Persistent Widow 


She kept asking the unjust person to give her justice, and eventually he gave in , although he was an unjust man

And didn't care what people thought.  The fear of man is a snare , says Proverbs




free donuts

dunkin donuts is cool.  Sometimes they give me free donuts.  Like I need more donuts.  My belly is getting bigger. Need to stop eating so many free donuts.  if only they gave away free celery.  That might make me healthy .

Corporate donuts are good, but not the best.  They are good at making money, but the processed donuts arent very healthy.  And it may cause you cancer.  Cancer would be no good.  Need to rely on Jesus for healing.   Scriptures on healing include "by his stripes we are healed "  

Donuts are good, but can make you sleepy.   I hope to one day have my own donut factory and make healthy and delicious , good donuts.  Like The Donut Pub.  That place is great!