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HODOALIEN   7/4/22


Press Release 7 /1 / 22



HODO Alien  lands at the Actors Temple Theater in Hells Kitchen.  A new Off Broadway show .  PimComedy the Musical.  Story of darkness and overcoming challenges .  Finding faith and love.   I died of a drug overdose.   My ex-girlfriend gave me rat poison and I died.  I died and went into the Spiritual Realms.   Angels Ministered to me and I threw up the rat poison.  I am still alive .   I found faith and Jesus Christ the Lord.   I am now doing Off Broadway art shows, empowering and helping the artist community.   Also I help feed the homeless New Yorkers 5 days a week .


HODO Alien "The power of Transformation" is a solo performance where the performing artist Vilma Hodo embodies the character of an Alien that goes through human experiences. The HODO ALIEN will show up in New York City Streets to explore and meet the amazing humans of New York City


HODO Alien landed at the Actors Temple Theater in Manhattan on Tuesday June 28, 2002.   The evening began with a tech rehearsal.   Lighting changes , the stage , dancing.   Some talking and networking.  Guests start to roll in .   People seem excited and pumped.    The Alien comes out.  Creepy and mysterious, yet lovely and exciting.   Off Broadway guests are enthralled.   People are captivated by the movements of the Hodo Alien.   The performance leaves many people talking and thinking about life.   Afterwards, people wanted to connect and get to know the HODO Alien ( Vilma Hodo ) more.  They ask questions, and ask  “ WHERE CAN I GET MORE “.     New York City and Off Broadway magic at its best. 



PimComedy the Musical , story of art shows helping end child trafficking.  Supporting the youth and helping the community in New York .  The children are the future!   Hoping to empower the youth and help the younger generation.  Helping them get on stage in Manhattan and overcome fears.  Overcoming doubt and creating a loving and encouraging environment.   Expanded the youth’s artist resume and building confidence. 



Satan in the lake of fire.  He’s burning forever and ever and ever … ….  Ahhhhhh noooooooo grrrrrrrr sizzle sizzle sizzle. …….

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