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what is #avantgardeartists

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Pimcomedy fashion show.  What makes an Avant Garde Artists.  Strange and surrealism,  loving others.  Bizarre and new concepts.  . Loving others. Helping end homelessness  .Creating new connections .Loving your work  . loving others. Taking care of yourself. Is  it hard , to care for others.  Is it hard , to think about others. Narcissism at its best 


Also we smoke a lot of weed. Does weed help us.  I see a lot of homeless people . they are homeless, minds wrecked by drugs. Do artists smoke a lot of weed?  Is there minds wrecked by drugs 


Sometimes, it is hard to speak . Speak about the word.  Speaking it out , helps the soul.  Helping yourself.  Loving yourself.  Do we love our selves?  Or  , do we hate ourselves 


Maybe some artists are over weight. Do you think being overweight is healthy?   Maybe we just want to find someone to love.   Marriage ??  What are the qualifications ?


Do we like to be alone?  Community at its best.   Or are we loners ? Pimcomedy fashion show 


Avant garde.  Teatro Vanguardia 


love & joy  pimcomedy <3

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