The Set NYC, a Manhattan-based Event/Production company provides multiple venues for up & coming artists, models, DJ's and entertainers from a rich mosaic of talent to perform for their fans, the general public, Media and talent scouts. From its Vaudeville Style on-stage/ open mike variety shows, colorful fashion shows and contests, to meet-up events or chic private parties, The Set NYC has become a household name for unveiling & showcasing some of New York's newest and hottest talent. Be among the first to enjoy them up close and personal in a trendy party-like atmosphere. Join us for our next exciting 'The Set NYC' event, where future stars begin to shine!

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The mission of The Set NYC is to serve with events and event planning.  Mark 12:31

Phil Harris - Fashion Jewelry Collection 2013/2014 from Stanley Hsu on Vimeo.

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   Video Credit: Magnus @ Spaett Media | Video from Feb 2008 Show