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demons are dead 

Oct 31.   It is a dark , dark world .  Oct 31,  in Manhattan.  Pimcomedy fashion show 

These demons, they are hungry.  The dark underworld.   They are salivating.   Who can these demons eat ?

Who can they devour?  Is Satan real?  Is there a dark force, a dark person out to destroy us.  How to escape his clutches 

Like a mafia boss.  I was abducted by the mafia   . They destroyed my life.  I survived.  Thank you Jesus.  Thank you Holy Ghost 

Story of darkness.  It is dark times.    They run.  These demons, they run away 

overcoming .  Prayer in tongues 

Story of hope ,  and redemption.  Green trees.  Lovely forests.  Smiles , on peoples faces 

Lovely music.  and dancing 

New york City 

Demons, are dead 



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