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city of hope 

the world is dark.  Dark times.  Is there hope ?   is there a way get out of this darkness ?

new york city.  Helping end homelessness.  People are suffering.  Lives are ruined.  How to give.  How to give love.  Loving others  .  Fashion and Art 

City of hope, and joy.   Many people ,  all walks of life.   City of love and hope , overcoming evil.  Overcoming evil times.  Overcoming dark times 

Is love possible.  Is there a way ,  to help empower our neighbors.   Is there a way  , to love others more.  Give and hope.     Peace 

Peace, patience ,  times are tough .   Moving around ,  mysteriously.  Where does it go ? What does it do ?  Do we have any control over things ?  We can only hope . And have faith 

City of love . City of peace  pimcomedy fs 

Dec 31 tickets 


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