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the beauty of Music pimcomedy

Music , and love.  The beauty of music.  We need it .  Do  people think ,  the quality of music has gone down ?  Has the quality of art, gone down .


As someone once says ,  art is in the eye of the beholder .  Have we become a society of consumers,  instead of creators .     Music 


Music,  can  bring healing and love.   Art and love, the beauty of music.  I sit in my room and listen.   Headphones on.  I get transported to a new place .  I get transported   to the Spiritual realms.      People are angry these  days.  Tempers are short , and anger reigns  , instead of love.   Can music bring healing into the world ?


What is healing  ? Does that mean going to the doctors  ? Or listening to music,   consuming  art.  Has art become like potato chips?    We eat chips , processed food, and become fat.  Is Music processed food.    I went to Madrid ,  Spain.   Food served  like Chefs, high quality, chef knives and love.  In Los Angeles ,  food served on paper plates .   


Music, we listen .  Do we get angry,  or do we get transported to a realm of love and hope and joy.   A realm of peace.    Instead of being angry,  is It possible to convey peace and love 


Concerts and music.    Exuding and consuming, art , and quality.   People like Van Gogh ,  when you see it,  do you get taken into Spiritual world.  A world of love and angels and different feelings and thinking .  How come   , as humans , we cannot accept each other ? Is it corruption  ?  


The process of corruption  , is like a peach.   Once it starts ,   it cannot stop .  We listen to music in a Library.  Beautiful music, beautiful people , knowledge abound.   We open a beautiful book  , and we get transported to an entire new world . A world of water, and sea.  New Heavens and new earth , whales and dolphins . Love and angels.    Music, can inspire .  It can heal .


Angels, they sing.  When we listen , does love fill our hearts?  Or hatred.   Beauty of angels and love,  loving others , and peace and hope . Hope for the best.  Hope for peace.  Hope for humanity to love one another .   Like the Woodstock era,  with no drugs.  Although   , some people like drugs 


I used to do a lot of drugs .  But I stopped. The beauty of dance music.  Dancing, in the club.  Music and celebrities , fun and games . Spiritual realms, drum beats and love . Overcoming tragedy.   Death is real ,  but there is hope . There is love .  


We overcome our depression with music . and Praise .   Who do we praise?  Whom do we praise ?   Love overcomes  .  Pimcomedy Fashion show 


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